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From: Derek Smith <dereksmi@...>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 14:38:59 -1000
On Wed, 26 May 1999, Sylvain Guillemette wrote:

> How much and when ?  :-)

Heh, blank checks are welcome :-)
> Is it possible to use it within FBII or just FB^3 ?

FBII cannot as far as I know access PowerPC shared libraries, unless the
CFM 68k calls are able to access PPC libs.  I do not believe it is
possible.  A number of variable and record name comflicts and various
other limitations of FBII that have always been a pain are gone in FB^3,
and I'm fairly sure its not worth the effort to work around them for FBII.
Not to mention defining the various calls would be rather painful under
the CFM 68k model that FB currently has access to.

> BTW:  Did you include support for MP3 in MIDWorld Derek ?

I will let everyone know once I get it to work.  I have to add some
special case stuff to handle them, otherwise the merger will complain.  It
may be possible right now to use Merge Other... and see if QT4 will
convert it for you.  Worth a try of course.  Let me know if that works if
you try that :-)

-Derek Smith
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