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From: Yoshiyuki Hasegawa <hase44@...>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 04:10:56 +0900
  Bernie wrote:
> Yoshiyuki wrote:
>> The program like the popup edit field of Excel is made.
>> Questions;
>> 1. What is the function to obtain ID, the font, and the fontsize  
>> of the selected button?
> '----------
> dim as ControlFontStyleRec cfs
> dim as OSErr err
> err = fn GetControlData( button&(_cText1),  
> _kControlEditTextPart,_kControlEditTextStyleTag, sizeof(cfs), @cfs,  
> #0 )
> '----------

More question.
Among a lot of arranged buttons, what is the function that obtains  
the ID number of selected button?

>> 4. Please point out the other point that should be improved.
> Scrap the on dialog handler and move everything to CE.

Is CE it Carbon events manager ... handler ? It researches.
Apple is recommending not a past event loop to the carbon but the  
event handler for the efficiency improvement of the multitask. In  
OSX, there seems to be solidity that digests tens of tasks at the  
same time.

I began to read Learning Carbon(O'reilly) belatedly. For using of  
Nib, making of the packaged application, and a modern resource making  
of the recommendation of Bernie.
I think that it means the advancement of the FB programming to which  
respect where Xcode is good is taken by these.

Thank you.