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From: Brian Stevens <bstevens33@...>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 16:45:04 -0700
On May 13, 2007, at 3:48 PM, Ronald Anderson wrote:

I have been making personalized telephone booklets for family and  
friends for several years and am now faced with a serious problem.

A key program which was written by one of you fellows, I think Stu,  
was called a Tab Converter.  My procedure was to input the name,  
address, phone number and other data into a data base program.  I  
would then export the data to a tab separated file.  To adapt it for  
use in a word processing program I needed to convert some of the tabs  
into carriage returns.  This made it possible to paste the word  
processing file into a program such as PageMaker and have the data  
displayed as shown on the attached photo.

My problem is that the Tab Converter program only worked on a Mac  
with the Classic mode and my old lap top with the Classic mode has died.

At 84 I am not too sure that I could learn how to use the new version  
of Future Basic to create a program that will run on System 10

A feature that was not on the old program was the ability to have the  
program slide fields up when there was nothing in the field above  
it.  I have been doing that manually which is not a real big deal but  
that feature would certainly be helpful.

Would any of you fellows like to volunteer creating such a program  
for me that will run on my Mac Book



I'm quite busy at the moment or I would help. Translating tabs to  
carriage returns is simple, but the user control and interface would  
take some work (but possibly not a lot). If you have the source code  
to tab converter, it is possible it will either compile as is to run  
in OS X or could be easily modified to do so. I would suggest asking  
Stu for the source and/or ask him if he would make the necessary  
changes for OS X.

Brian S.