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From: Jan Leijenhorst <it@...>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 20:18:20 +0200


If you can run classic,
you could use Apple Printer Utility (2.2)
Unfold Communication configuration
then TCP/IP Configuration
Then type a new Printer's IP Address
Then click Update Info


On 2007-05-20 19:52, "Ken Shmidheiser"  exposed in writing:

> Here's my problem:
> I have an old LaserWriter IIg running on a mixed network of Macs and
> PCs both hardwired and wireless. The router is set up using dynamic
> DHCP IP assignments.
> So I am left with the XP system that can't print to the LaserWriter
> IIg because it can't see it. Using the old Apple Printer Utility
> under Classic, I can print a configuration page that gives me the
> LaserWriter's MAC address, but I can't figure how to assign the
> printer a static IP address. If I could, I could configure the
> printer to use TCP/IP printing and locate it on the network. (XP
> still has printer drivers for the LaserWriter IIg, just no AppleTalk
> drivers.)
> Ken