Every Waking Moment

The first thought every morning
I have without fail is a thought of You
And through the rush of the day
My ideal is to ask, “what would Jesus do?”
When to speak, when to hear
When to look and when to close my eyes
But sometimes the strength of my will
Pulls me down to a weakness I despise

Not every once in a while
Not just from time to time
Not every now and then
Driven by emotion
It is a dream I have
It is a prayer I pray
To sleep in peace
At the end of the day
Having done my best to obey
Every waking moment

Still, the noble efforts I make aren’t enough
To secure me a heavenly place
And my attempts at perfection are weak
I am lost, but for Your grace
Ah, the only strength that I have
Is when I fall on my knees, and for mercy cry
And offer You my heart, my soul
My breath, my very life

Every Walking Moment – Wayne Watson