Q: How do I change a subscriber’s email address in MimerDesk?


  1. Unsubscribe/remove the old address
  2. Subscribe the new address

Email addresses are not editable for security reasons.


Q: When I send an email with attachments, I get an error back from the server:


Hi. This is the qmail-send program at welovegod.org.
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
ezmlm-reject: fatal: Sorry, I don't accept messages larger than 1024000 bytes (#5.2.3)


The email group server does allow attachments, but only to a certain size limit. Why?

  • because this is not a file server
  • files are better served from web sites
  • some people are offended by large emails filling up their Inbox’s
After a review of current group behavior at Yahoo Groups and Google
Groups, I have increased our daytime message size limit to 1Mb.  Between
2-6am EST, the limit is 4Mb.

Q: How often do digests get sent out to my group?


Digests are sent out as-needed, and each day at 5am EST. It’s automatic. There are several trip points – 48hrs, 30 posts, or 950k cumulative message size total.

Q: Now that my new email group is set up, in MimerDesk, I see that the Administrator of the group is not me – it’s “Glen” – why is that?


The admin is somewhat randomly selected. Glen sets up the groups here, and monitors them for a while after creation. Hopefully the name will be replaced with your login name in MimerDesk when the group is well established.

Q: I have a new email address, and need to change the one I registered in MimerDesk. How do I do that?


  1. Add your new email as a moderator for the group
  2.  Register the new address as a new MimerDesk account
  3. Login to MimerDesk using the new account, to moderate the group from it.The old account you had will expire and be deleted automatically.

Email addresses are not editable for security reasons.

Q: What are these Probe and Warning messages I or my group subscribers sometimes get from the server?


The server here keeps messages in the queue for 3 days (72 hrs),
repeatedly attempting to deliver them (several times per hour).  At the end
of 72 hours, undelivered messages are rejected from the queue and handled by
the EZmlm "bounce manager".

The bounce manager keeps track of the messages that have not been delivered to
subscribers.  It saves the first bounce message and a list of bounced-message
numbers.  Every time a message is sent to the list, the bounce manager goes
through these bounce files. If it finds any that are older than 1,000,000
seconds (about 11.6 days) it sends a warning message to the subscriber. If this
warning message bounces, it sets up a "warning flag" for the subscriber. If
it later finds a warning flag older than 11.6 days, it sends a "probe" to the
subscriber. If it later receives a bounced probe, the subscriber is
automatically unsubscribed.

All told, I think we're talking about 26 days from the start of trouble until
the subscriber is booted off the list.  When this happens, the list Moderator
(you) get a Daily Activity report with "-probe someone@..." listed so you
know what happened.

Moderators can then contact the subscriber (phone, snail-mail?) and see what
the trouble is.  Obviously, e-mail contact isn't likely to work (-;