How to Eliminate Unwanted Email Messages from Archives

A much requested ability for moderators to get rid of certain messages in the email group archive has now been added. Because the archive software doesn't like us to outright delete the message, this new feature is called "Cleanse" – it just inserts a placeholder message like this:


From: <your-email>
Date: Wed Sep 22 10:01:06 2004

The original email is no longer available due to action from
<your computer IP address> on <the date it happened>.


To use this feature on your group, enter the web-browsable archives from the group homepage or inside MimerDesk. Browse the the specific message of concern. In the "Message:" links, click the one called "Cleanse". Enter your MimerDesk username and password, then click the button. Wait one minute. Go back two pages, then refresh the page (reload with shift key pressed).