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Hymns named Y…

Hymns named Y...

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Yoakley(William Yoakley (1820-?))

You'll Reap Whatsoever You Sow(Daniel Brink Towner)

You Must Be Redeemed(Lewis Ellis Jones, 1903)

Your Best Friend Is Always Near(Isabel C. Allam, 1918)

Youthful Glory(A Compilation of Genuine Church Music, 1842)

You Will See Your Lord A-Coming(Millenial Harp, 1843)

Your Saviour Wept(William Batchelder Bradbury, 1864)

Your Mission(Ellen Maria Huntington Gates (1835-1920), 1860.)

You Will Outshine the Sun(Harry Monroe, arr. Peter P. Bilhorn)

Young Men in Christ the Lord(George Coles Stebbins)

You Ought to Know Him(H. O. Devah, cira 1906)

Ymdaith Mwngo(Welsh Traditional Melody)

Yield Not to Temptation(Horatio Richmond Palmer, 1868)

Yarbrough(William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868))

Yattendon 46(Harry Ellis Wooldridge, 1899)

Yale(William Howard Doane, 1884)

Ye Must Be Born Again(William T. Sleeper, 1877)

Ye Have Done It unto Me(A. B. Bragdon, 1874)

Ye Holy Angels Bright(William Croft (1678-1727))

Ye Heralds of Jesus(Leila Naylor Morris, 1909)

Ye Shall Be My Witnesses(James M. Kirk (1854-1945))

Yerushalemin Impa Veede(Mosa Valsalam, harm. Joe Uthup, 2017)

A Year of Precious Blessings(Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby, 1907)

Yellowstone(John Samuel Hendricks, 1900)

Yukon(William Fiske Sherwin, 1881)