Mankind is merely left to compare ideas

Without the authority of Christ, mankind is merely
left to compare ideas, and morality becomes a matter of opinion.
One person says it is wrong to steal.
The next person says it is not.
No standard is set.
But Jesus is the authority behind His commands,
and people need to understand this fact.
If we remove His authority, then we have no
basis on which to command.

When we quote Shakespeare we always say:
“Shakespeare said this.”
It should be the same with the Scripture.
Observe the Old Testament as our example.
How often do we read where the prophet first say:
“Thus sayeth the Lord” before they speak?
If these moral standards are taught universally
it would greatly benefit social behaviour.
Satan is not against good morals – He is opposed to Jesus Christ.
A man can have good morals his entire life,
yet you and I know he may go to hell when he dies.

It is Jesus Christ that everyone needs
and the devil knows this more than all of us.
Satan’s goal is to remove the name of Christ
from His commands. And when we do this, people are
deceived into thinking if they live a good life
they will receive God’s approval and attain Heaven.

Paraphrased from “Time Changer”, a Rich Christiano film from 2002

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