‘lησοΰς υπέρ τυύ χόσμου.

Jesus, hastening for the world to suffer,
Enters in, Jerusalem, to thee:
With His Twelve He goeth forth to offer
That free Sacrifice He came to be.

They that follow Him with true affection
Stand prepared to suffer for His Name:

Be we ready, then, for man’s rejection,
For the mockery, the reproach, the shame.

Now, in sorrow, sorrow finds its healing:
In the form wherein our father fell,
Christ appears, those quickening Wounds revealing,
Which shall save from sin and death and hell.

Now, Judea, call thy Priesthood nigh thee!
Now for Deicide prepare thy hands!
Lo! thy Monarch, meek and gentle, by thee!
Lo! the Lamb and Shepherd in thee stands!

To thy Monarch, Salem, give glad greeting!
Willingly he hastens to be slain,

For the multitude His entrance meeting
With their false Hosanna’s ceaseless strain.
Blest is He that comes, they cry,
On the Cross for man to die!