bti της θειας φυλαχης.

Stand on thy watch-tower, Habakkuk the Seer,
And show the Angel, radiant in his light:
To-day, saith he. Salvation shall appear,
Because the Lord hath risen, as God of might.

The male that opes the Virgin’s womb is He;
The Lamb of Whom His faithful people eat;
Our truer Passover from blemish free;
Our very God, Whose Name is all complete.

This yearling Lamb, our Sacrifice most blest,
Our glorious Crown, for all men freely dies:
Our cleansing Pascha, beauteous from his rest,
Behold the Sun of Righteousness arise.

Before the ark, a type to pass away,
David of old time danced: we, holier race,
Seeing the Antitype come forth to-day,
Hail with a shout Christ’s own Almighty grace.