The world that preys together doesn’t stay together

How far the human race has fallen, from what it was created to be… we have become worse than the animals we were created to surpass…


1a. Sand tiger sharks

Large embryos feast on their puny siblings while still gestating in the womb.

1b. Human beings

Kill embryos for convenience and profit.

2a. Polar bears and Hamsters

Have been spotted in recent years gruesomely feeding on their children in the wild.

2b. Human beings

Steal, lie, kill, cheat, and manipulate others in all forms of perversion, from babies to the elderly.

3a. Spiders

From the famous black widow to the wolf spider, are known to kill and eat smaller males after sex.

3b. Human beings

Men and women are known to discard their mate (and children) at any time and for any reason.

4a. Parasitic wasps

Will seek out an unsuspecting caterpillar, inject eggs into the living body, which “clone” themselves until the still-alive caterpillar is teeming with hundreds of larvae.

4b. Human beings

Reject God, their maker, and surround themselves with hundreds of diversions to distract themselves from the loss, ultimately laying on their death-bed wishing for the peace only God offers.