I imagine others are already alerting you of this exploitation of voice synthesis technology, but I haven’t seen the warnings, so am posting my own.

If you read this article:  https://venturebeat.com/2021/11/09/nvidias-riva-custom-voice-lets-companies-create-custom-voices-powered-by-ai/    …  you may realize that any person or company that captures enough phonetic content from your speech, can re-create your voice to say whatever they want.  And they can carry on a “live” conversation with anyone, using your voice.

With a ‘stolen’ copy of your voice, and stolen data about you, thieves can conduct financial transactions, and get you into all sorts of trouble – posing as you.

So I advise that if you are ever asked or told that your conversation will be recorded, that you decline – and refuse to conduct business with anyone who insists they must do it.  Why?  Because even with the best intentions, these recordings can be stolen, and you can then be a victim of these thieves who will impersonate you.

Technology is great, until it is used against you.  When you have the opportunity to do so, insist that all important transactions only be authorized with you physically present.