How many gods run your life? Make it simple: Which is the God above all gods?

Nothing we make is worthy of all our love and devotion – what we make is imperfect

It is SO wrong to curse what is perfect

How sad to have not spent a single day this week, honoring the most perfect one by especially conducting your actions that day, focused on Him – to bring Him joy

Remember that there is at least one honorable thing about your parents

Murder is a step along the path to Hell

“Cheating” on a husband or wife only leads to misery. What God has joined together, let no one break apart!

Do you want it to happen to you? Don’t take what belongs to another.

Do not tell stories that are untrue about people. When you tell a lie, you hurt yourself as well as others. Soon people will not trust what you say. Society disintegrates without trust.

It’s fine to admire what someone else has – they earned it. And you can earn your own stuff too!