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1corinthians71 Corinthians 7, like the scripture passage, written by the apostle Paul, is a mailing list whose purpose is to encourage people in their relationships, especially marriage relationships.
abesermonsThis list is for the sharing of sermons and sermon ideas, illustrations, etc. It is hoped that this list will bring a blessing to those using it.
adevotionalgroupThis group is for anyone who enjoys studying God's word. Subscribers receive a devotional that usually begins with a scripture passage, offers a brief discussion of the passage, and ends with a prayer. All devotionals are original writings and are written by a woman who has been a born-again Christian since 1969.
aogThe purpose of AOG was to provide an open forum for theological discussion, prayer requests, praise reports, and fellowship for members and friends of the Assemblies of God. This list was for the sharing of sermons and sermon ideas, illustrations, etc. It is hoped that this archived list will bring a blessing to those using it.
bible_notesA FREE Bible commentary/editorial, deals with various questions, issues, and life situations from the angle of what the Bible has to say about it. The purpose for Bible Notes is to glorify God and to help people make it to Heaven.
ccmagChristian Computing Magazine. CCMag is a list where newbies and seasoned pros alike can find many computer questions answered.
churchbassInformation for Christian bass players, with a primary emphasis on those who practice their craft in a church setting. Topics range from equipment usage and information to bass tabs for common worship music.
clean-hewmorClean, humorous, or at least inspiring messages to perk up your day.
christianbooksDiscussion of Christian books, whether fiction, nonfiction, helps books and others!!
christianguitarFor Christians who play guitar in church, in praise and worship, in the music industry, or just for fun.
cloudburstGet poetry regular people can enjoy. Find a Cloudburst Poem on upbeat themes: personal growth, good relationships, nature, spirituality, family, current events. Especially appropriate for print publications.
dragonraidThe DragonRaid mailing list archives were created to support and encourage DragonRaid players and Adventure Masters, provided a place where users of the system could have questions answered, to share experiences with DragonRaid, and discuss optional rules, dark creatures, and other system enhancements.
epistle2equipDesigned to be a resource for pastors and other ministers, helping to sharpen their skills. Each issue contained an original sermon manuscript, along with other sermon ideas, Bible study outlines, and teaching notes. It also contained feature articles, theological think-pieces, counseling hints, family resources, and other helpful materials of interest to persons engaged in Christian ministry.
fbcocoaThe FBCocoa list may help FutureBasic programmers get to grips with Cocoa.  View Downloads
feedtheflockFeedtTheFlock was a weekly email devotion on the challenges encountered in youth outreach. Its archives will inspire you.
forthrightOriginal articles lift your spiritual life to the next level. Published authors engage the Biblical text to take you straight to the Cross of Christ.
homesteadheavenWe are Christian women who want to please our Lord and Savior. We share our hearts with one another about many things. Most of us either homestead, want to or just love hearing about it. Lots of practical help and advice on gardening, using and raising animals, animal health, crafts, candle making, soap making, canning, food preservation, recipes, money saving tips,homeschooling and more. Anything and everything that goes with homesteading or being a godly Christian woman!!!!!
heart2heartMany aspects of homemaking, marriage and motherhood are covered in this newsletter with a Christian emphasis.
hopechestThe Hope Chest features Christian inspiration, practical teaching tips, resource recommendations, and lot of food for thought for home schooling families.
idea-centralIdea Central - Short articles with an inspirational story that is honourable and a testament to Our Savior.
pastormailPastor Mail was a mailing list for male pastors designed for the sharing of sermons, outlines, and prayer requests
sermonseedsSermon Seeds is designed to help pastors and Bible teachers in their preparations for preaching and teaching. Most, but not all, of the outlines are alliterated (beginning with the same letter(s). Sermon Seeds are also helpful for anyone wishing to study their Bibles with some brief, sermon outline type notes. Sermon Seeds are available to anyone who wishes to receive them. To see the archives of previously sent Sermon Seeds outlines, please visit
sermonsonthenetSermons on the Net - Messages of hope and comfort, from Henk Frijters, for those who want to learn more about Jesus and His glorious plan for our lives.