Anne Paulk


"As a lesbian, I found hurt people just wanting someone to love. As a Christian, I found loving people just wanting to heal my hurt."

I wasn't able to say a thing after a teenage boy approached me sexually. Of course, at four years old you're afraid of getting in you go silent. But inside, the pain of that moment began to grow louder. I became a tomboy. I didn't feel pretty or even lovable. I craved special attention from my dad to make everything all right, but I couldn't tell him why. I began to feel being feminine meant being weak and vulnerable. I didn't know what to do with men...they just kept hurting me, so I rejected them. Once in college, I pursued my growing attraction for other women. But as a lesbian, I found most women were paired out of emotional dependency rather than true love. That's why I asked God to fill the void in my heart. He led me to warm, loving people who helped me see the underlying needs that drove me into a lesbian identity. If you're still looking for real love...and need to talk with somebody who understands, start by asking God.