"I was doing drugs ... and I was just sitting there crying"

I never knew the Lord until my sister and brother starting praying for my salvation. I fought them all I could. I was into drugs, alcohol and I liked my life just fine so I thought but as time passed I found out differently. I was in the bathroom one night and I was doing drugs well I was out, and I was just sitting there crying because I wanted more when all of a sudden the room had a very bright glow I didn't dare look up and I heard a voice saying "Child what are you doing"? Well I was really scared and I started thinking could this be God? And then again he said "I gave you that body and look what you are doing to it". And I just started crying and telling God I was sorry . I got up off the floor of course I didn't tell anyone because I was afraid of what they would think plus my husband had no idea that I was doing drugs.

I went to the phone and called my brother and told him to pick me up in the morning for church. I was going that Sunday! I know he had a smile on his face. So I went to church that Sunday and gave my life to the Lord. I knew this is the life I needed to live. As time went by I kinda stopped going to church. I started hanging around with my old friends and before I knew it I was in to it again. My husband and I were having problems in our marriage and I just gave up all hope. I let the devil steal my joy!!!! I know that now. Thank You Jesus.

Well we started to go back to church and the Lord has healed our marriage and I given up all my old ways such as drinking, smoking and I give the Good Lord all the Glory. My husband has changed too. We love our new church home and we are active members there We are Greeters and Ushers and Also I help in Gods Garden (childrens church) .

We have five wonderful children and everyone of them knows the Lord and have excepted him as Lord and Saviour. God has blessed us and we don't even deserve it . I feel like my heart it going to burst with all the JOY the Lord has brought into my life I have never felt this way before. I wake up with Jesus on my mind I think about him during the day and then at night time I go to bed just thinking how wonderful it is to know Jesus as you Lord and Savior.. What a Friend indeed he has been for me. I have a big family and we have all been saved except one brother. God has been good to us.I'm now going to pray my hasbands family into the kingdom!! I know the Lord hears our prayers and I am thankful. But all I can say is that God is so Good and I will never let anything come between me and my Lord and Saviour again. I Love The Lord Our God with All My Heart, Soul , and Mind.

God Bless All ,
In Jesus Love,

Jane Craven