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Yaroslav I “the Wise”Grand Duke of KievAge: 976 years9781954

Yaroslav I “the Wise”Grand Duke of Kiev
Grand Duke of Kiev
Given names
Yaroslav I "the Wise"
Birth 978 18

Marriage of parentsSt. Vladimir the GreatGrand Prince of KievRogendavon PolotzkView this family
980 (Age 2 years)

Death of a motherRogendavon Polotzk
1002 (Age 24 years)

Marriage of a parentSt. Vladimir the GreatGrand Prince of KievMalfredaof BohemiaView this family
1011 (Age 33 years)

Death of a fatherSt. Vladimir the GreatGrand Prince of Kiev
July 15, 1015 (Age 37 years)
MarriageIngegardaPrincess of Sweden OlafsdottirView this family
1019 (Age 41 years)

Birth of a daughter
Anna AgnesaGrand Duchess of Kiev Yaroslavna
1024 (Age 46 years)
Birth of a son
Isiaslav I
1025 (Age 47 years)

Birth of a son
Wseolod IPrins of Kiev
1030 (Age 52 years)

Marriage of a childHenry IKing of France CapetAnna AgnesaGrand Duchess of Kiev YaroslavnaView this family
January 29, 1044 (Age 66 years)

Death of a wifeIngegardaPrincess of Sweden Olafsdottir
1050 (Age 72 years)
Death of a daughterAnna AgnesaGrand Duchess of Kiev Yaroslavna
1075 (Age 97 years)
Death of a sonIsiaslav I
1078 (Age 100 years)

Death of a sonWseolod IPrins of Kiev
1093 (Age 115 years)

Grand Prince of Kiev

Death February 20, 1954 (Age 976 years)
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Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 980
-1 years
Father’s family with Malfredaof Bohemia - View this family
Marriage: 1011
Family with IngegardaPrincess of Sweden Olafsdottir - View this family
Marriage: 1019
6 years
2 years
6 years


Yaroslav I the Wise, Grand Prince of KievBorn in 978Acceded in 1019Died on Ferburary 20, 1054 at KievKievan Rus achieved its greatest power and splendor under Yaroslav the Wise in the 11thcentury. Yaroslav made Kiev a great city and built magnificent buildings, including the notableCathedral of Saint Sophia or Hagia Sophia of Kiev. Yaroslav did much to develop Kievan Ruseducation and culture. He also revised the first Russian law code, the so-called RusskayaPravda or Russian Justice. After his death in 1054, Kievan Rus declined. Yaroslav'sgrandson, Vladimir II Monomachus, made the final attempt to unite Kievan Rus, but after hisdeath in 1125 the fragmentation continued as other Kievan Rus principalities challengedKiev's supremacy.By the 13th century, the East Slavic lands became a loose federation of city-states, heldtogether by common language, religion, traditions, and customs. Although ruled by members ofthe house of Rurik, these city-states were often at war with one another. The area becamean easy target for bands of invading Asiatic Mongols......Microsoft* Encarta* Encyclopedia 99. * 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation.Yaroslav married 1019 to Ingeborg, a daughter of Olaf Skötkonung, King of Sweden.Yaroslav and Ingeborg had the following children:Anne of KievIsiaslav I, (1025 - 1078) Prince of Kiev, married a daughter of King Mieszko of Poland.Wsevolod I, (1030 - 1093) Prince of Kiev.Anastasia of Kiev, married circa 1046 to Andrew I, King of Hungary.

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