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RurikGrand Prince of KievAge: 79 years800879

RurikGrand Prince of Kiev
Grand Prince of Kiev
Given names
Birth 800

Birth of a son
IgorGrand Prince of Kiev
875 (Age 75 years)
Death 879 (Age 79 years)

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Princes of KievThe Rise of the First Russian Empire"The birth of the Russian Empire falls in the period when the Scandinavian Vikings were atthe zenith of their power. Just as these hardy rovers sailed over the Baltic, the Atlantic and theMediterranean, until they reached Iceland and North America, and in their small forty oaredgalleys went up from the mouths of the Elbe, the Weser, the Rhine, the Maas and the Seinefar into the interior, striking terror into the inhabitants, so, too, in the east of Europe theyfollowed the course of the rivers and discovered the way to the Black Sea andConstantinople. The route which led up the Dwina and then down the Dnieper to Byzantiumwas called the Varagian way; even the rapids of the Dnieper bore, so it is said, Scandinaviannames. The Norsemen, who had founded here and there independent empires in the west ofEurope, could do so still more easily in the east.".....The Book of History, Vol. VIII, pg. 3285 (London, 1914)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"The recorded Russian history of the Poutiatine family began in the 9th century, whenSlavonic and Finnish inhabitants of the northern land turned to the powerful Varangians, whowere Scandinavians, to rule their land. These warriors called themselves Russ, the eldest ofwhich Prince Riurik settled in the Novgorod Region and became the founder of the firstRussian dynasty of rulers. The Poutiatine family was direct descendents of Prince Riurik andto the Romanov family."Rurik, Grand Prince of KievBorn circa 800Died in 879Rurik, the Viking leader who is traditionally credited with founding the Russian state, wasborn in Friesland, a region in present-day Holland, which his father controlled. After leadingraids in France, England, and Germany, Rurik gained control of a large tract of land in Jutland.However, he soon abandoned his claim under pressure from rival chieftains.In the 850s, Rurik and his brothers Sineus and Truvor led a band of Vikings intonorthwestern Russia where they established a settlement near Lake Ladoga in what is nownortheastern Russia very near the border with Finland. Rurik soon moved part of thesettlement to nearby Novgorod, according to legend, at the invitation of the local Slavs. Therehe established the seat of his power and built a fortress from which he could rule the Russianlands. His rule extended as far south as Kiev where his successors founded the powerfulKievan state, which lasted until the 1200s.From Rurik came the house of Rurikovitch which ruled Russia until the end of the 16thcentury.Rurik had a son:Igor, Grand Prince of Kiev

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