[futurebasic] Help with FB/PG PICT and TEXT resources

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From: "Dennis J. Fast" <dfast@...>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 17:08:48 -0700
I am a High School Teacher. I have a class of High School students using FB
and PG.

In our final project we have a set of 50 PICT files.
We have 50 text files also.

I copied and pasted the PICT files into a PICT resource with 50 PICT resources.

I   DO   know how to access a disk file and attach a PICT to a window like
a picture slide show
but this is sloppy because it asks for the FILES$ dialog box and also won't
allow me to add a separate text field.
We want this to use a single window to show any PICT resource and a
matching text resource in an EField.
We are making choices from a separate STR# list then using a key number
displaying picture and text on a
separate window.

In our program we have created a window on which we have a PICT field.
This field will contain a picture from the clipboard and will create a PICT
resource 4000.
Every window that contains a PICT field will use this same resourceID PICT
How can I set the resourceID to a difference PICT resource for each window,
or better yet,
just determine which one a given window PICT field will use.

In our window we also have an EField with scrollbar.
I can copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into the EField within
PG.  This means
I have to have a separate window for each text file(OK but not very
flexible). I need to store the text
in a set of text resources so that I can randomly choose and send them to
the EField.

What is the limit of characters in a STR# resource item?  Is there a
different type of
resource that I can use?

I can send a copy of the .MAIN and .rsrc  files for you to see if this
explanation is unclear.