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From: Ted Spencer <tedspencer50@...>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 16:42:31 -0400
On 9 Aug, 2012, at 4:31 PM, Ken Shmidheiser wrote:

> Ted, his voice muffled from above-the-arctic-circle frost on his Canadian beard, lamented:

Ahh... At long last, it warmed to a balmy 34° today, and a goodly portion of the frost has melted.
>> And why does…?
> Perhaps because "color" does not have a "u" in it , ey?

Therein lies the hazard in quoting an email rather than copying the actual goods:

fileName = @"Colours"

is the line in the thingumy I ran here. "Colours" is a plain text file from TextWrangler; is that a prob? Is it looking for an extension, or the absence of one?
> and further…
>> ... And why doesn't CrosswordHinter_v02b work any more? This is the really important question.
> Just for you, I will attempt to rewrite it -- perhaps in Cocoa since that is where I do most of my programming nowadays.


We were exhorted, upon its initial publication and under pain of dire recrimination, not to use it for nefarious purposes like solving crossword puzzles, and I haven't not used it for that nefarious purpose for some time. But I might start to not use it again if it came to life. 
> From sunny south of the border,

Heck: the sun hasn't set for 3 months. Don't talk to me about sunny, sonny.