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God: "I looked for someone to take a stand for me, and stand in the gap" (Ezekiel 22:30)

Do not look to your hope, but to Christ, the source of your hope.
Charles Spurgeon

Month: March 1994

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Most Surely Believed – part 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Most Surely Believed

Chapter 10 Predestination's Final Chapter To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved. Ephesians 1:6. This verse ends the sentence which began in Verse 3 with Paul's "Eulogy" of God…



                       (Revelation 2:2-5) (1) Losing our sense of dependence of needing God when our needs are satisfied; therefore, feeling self-sufficient.  A common cause of "backsliding." (See Philippians 4:4-7,19) (2) When our delight in the Lord is no longer as great…

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Q81 What is required to receive the Lord’s Supper?

This entry is part 81 of 82 in the series Frequently Asked Questions for new Christians

81  Q  What is required to the worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper?                A  It is required of them who would worthily partake of the             Lord's Supper, that they examine themselves of their             knowledge to…

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Yom Kippur n sukkot services n

Yom Kippur n sukkot services n Yom Kippur Tishri 9-10, 5750 . TIMES FOR LIGHTING THE CANDELS & DATES OF HOLY DAYS: Shabbat and Festivals, Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur, are all welcomed into the home by the lighting of…

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Yom Kippur feast or fast

Yom Kippur feast or fast YOM KIPPUR: FEAST OR FAST? Rachmiel Frydland According to Jewish tradition and the Talmud (Tractate Ta’anith 26b), Yom Kippur has been one of the great Jewish Feast celebrated annually. In ancient times the people would…

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Womens headcoverings a Messi

Womens headcoverings a Messi Women’s Headcoverings: A Messianic Viewpoint Introduction In Biblical times, women covered their heads with veils or scarfs a sign of chastity and modesty. The unveiling of a woman’s hair was considered a humiliation and punishment (Numbers…

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Why do we say Yeshua

Why do we say Yeshua Why Do You Say Yeshua? by Michael Schiffman Several years ago, a meeting took place between Jewish and Evangelical theologians to address common concerns and discuss similarities and differences. At one point in the meetings,…

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Why We Believe In Messiah

Why We Believe In Messiah WHY WE BELIEVE IN THE MESSIAH -or- IN SEARCH OF THE MESSIAH We now want to utilize the side of the brain not used very often, or so it seems, nowadays. I want you to…

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Why Messianic Jews

Why Messianic Jews WHY MESSIANIC JEWS by Rachmiel Frydland To ask why we are Jews is to ask why a bagel is a bagel. A bagel tastes like a bagel and not like a doughnut, although on bagelhater defined a…

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What is Messianic Judaism

What is Messianic Judaism Provided by Congregation Roeh Israel (UMJC) of Denver, Colorado. MESSIANIC JUDAISM ______ WHAT IS IT? MESSIANIC JUDAISM is the belief that Yeshua is the redeemer spoken of in the Tenach [O.T.]. That He is the Messiah…