20 DEALING WITH DOUBTS F O O T ================================

  • H O L D



PRAY Help me to learn what you want to teach me today, Lord.

READ Genesis 15:1-21

THINK What was God’s attitude to Abram’s doubts? What does God show Abram about himself? —————————————————————– FOCUS No Christian is immune from doubts. Abram had his doubts, too. God had promised him that he would have many descendants (12:2), but Abram could not see how God’s promise could be fulfilled. So he talked to God. Notice in verses 2 and 3 his humility – ‘Sovereign Lord’; his realism – ‘my slave will inherit’; his honesty – he wanted a son. These are marks of the person who has learned to pray. God loves us to approach him like this. And he responds. Now comes the real act of faith. Abram took God at his owed(6); this is what God loves, for this is what makes us acceptable to him. Not only does it mean believing that what God says, he will do, it involves making that belief the basis of the way we live. But the questioning continues. This time it is not about a son but about the land (8). The solemn chopping in half of the animals and birds (9,10) is the way a deeply serious vow used to be made. Abram fell into a deep sleep and God spoke to him. Notice the future God promised to Abram’s heirs (13-16)? Look out for the fulfilment of this in later readings. Then when the sun was setting God entered into a covenant with Abram. Just as with Noah, God took the initiative and made the promises, telling Abram the territory that would belong to his descendants. So God took Abram deeper into his purposes. Again notice how important this idea of ‘covenant’ between God and his people is to the themes of the Bible.

PRAY Share your doubts and questions openly, but honestly, with God.

Expect to hear his response.