PRAY Teach me more of your greatness and power, Lord, as I read the Scriptures today. —————————————————————- READ Isaiah 40:12-31. —————————————————————- THINK Look again at the descriptions of God’s nature in this chapter. Which one speaks most to you? —————————————————————- FOCUS God is . . . CREATOR. Israel needed to be reminded of the greatness of God, so Isaiah posed a series of questions (12-14). Read them again and then look around you. The whole universe is God’s creation. RULER OF NATIONS. Perhaps the sad faces of the Jews began to twinkle just a little when they thought of the nations as a ‘drop of water’ (15) in the Lord’s eye! Was there a quiet smile when they thought of all the mighty cedars of Lebanon being used for an altar and the animals as a sacrifice (16)! Our God is Almighty. He is in control. ACTIVE IN HISTORY. The all-surveying God is not only alive but active in the affairs of men (23). Here is the God of movement, purpose and direction. Let us keep this in mind as we hear the world’s news today. CONTROLLER OF CREATION. He not only made the world (Genesis 1:1) but also sustains it (26). Light has been on its way from some of the stars for 10,000 million years at 186,000 miles per second! Our God is a big and powerful God. AN INCOMPARABLE GOD. To whom may God be compared (18,25)? Certainly not to man-made idols (19,20)! Nothing and nobody can be compared to the knowing, caring God. Creator of the earth and stars and yet deeply concerned with those who need him (27-30) He will help and strengthen us but what is the condition on our part (31)? —————————————————————- PRAY Try a period of praying with your eyes open, looking out at the sky and the wonders of nature around you. ==========