You are currently viewing Absolute Freedom…isn’t

I am terrified for all of us.  We’ve all been lied to.  The illusion of absolute freedom will end much sooner than we expect – it doesn’t end well for most of us.

The oldest lie is that what God says, really won’t happen

God is the source of Life.  When we distance ourselves from Him, we begin dying like a flower kept away from the sun.  One day, God will take the dying flowers that have moved away from Him, and throw them into a lake of fire that will end their lives.  He has tried, and tried, and tried to save the flowers of Humanity, but so many will not follow Him as Lord of their lives.  Do you?

God is Absolute

  • Absolute Authority – everything will obey Him.  He is not some flawed, weak judge that cannot enforce justice, or who is politically swayed, or who can be bought.
  • Absolute Love – we learn how God loves us so much, that He sent His Son Jesus to save us from God’s inevitable enforcement of justice, to come.
  • Absolute Glorious Perfection and Power – God says that no man may look at His face and survive.
  • Absolute Truth – imagine staring into the eyes of God, whose knowledge of us is so infinite – there is nothing He doesn’t know.  There is no escaping the Truth.  To be laid intellectually bare before God could be devastating…all my lies and deceptions exposed.  Can you even imagine what else such exposure would cause?

The Master and Source of authority, love, and truth – He so extremely incorporates these (and many other traits), that He calls Himself the “I Am”.

  • I Am love
  • I Am truth
  • I Am the Light of the world

God Is.

Many men try to present a diminished “god” that differs from what the Bible presents.   That “god” is made in their image – he is weak, accepts lies, can be bought, will never execute justice, accepts perversions of God’s creation (causing death and pain), and plays to the passions, power-grabbing, and greed of men.  They call this “freedom”, but it is man-worship.  Fashioning such a god caters to the oldest lie in the book (Genesis 3:4) – “what God says, really won’t happen”.  Don’t fall for the lie.

“Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense, to repay every one for what he has done.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”  Revelation 22:12-13

Come in to the Light of Absolute God.  Take the hand of His Son Jesus, and follow Him.