“Genesis” is a Greek word meaning “beginning” or
“generation.” Therefore, the Book of Genesis is the book
of beginnings, or generations. It is generally agreed
that Moses was the author of the Book of Genesis, as
well as the next four books of the Bible. Of course,
Moses was not alive when the events in Genesis occurred;
but the Holy Spirit directed Moses in his writings (see
II Peter 1:20,21).

The simple statement, “In the beginning God…”
cannot be improved upon by scientists or historians. It
completely refutes atheists, agnostics, and any others
who deny that God is the Creator.

God’s personality is seen in chapter 1, for He
speaks, sees, names, and blesses. Evolutionists may
claim that matter just “came into being” and that life
just “happened” through a gradual process, but God
plainly tells us that He created the heaven and the

Chapter 1 records the first six days of
creation. On day one God created light; on day two He
created air and water; on day three He created land and
plants; on day four He created the sun, moon, and stars;
on day five He created birds and fish; and on day six He
created animals and man.

Chapter 2 records, “And on the seventh day God
ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the
seventh day from all his work which he had made.” We
also see in this chapter the first garden, the first
law, and the first marriage.

In chapter 3 we see the fall of man–temptation
enters the world. God is not the author of sin, nor does
He tempt men to sin. This is the work of Satan. He came
to Eve under the guise of a serpent; he never appears in
his true character. He is a deceiver and liar, and he is
out to destroy all who will allow him.