I looked for someone to stand up for me against all this, to repair the defenses of the city, to take a stand for me and stand in the gap... (Ezekiel 22:30)

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Bible Reading for DEC31: Revelation 20-22

BIBLE STUDY: READ REVELATION 20–22 Chapter 20 deals with the millennium. The word “millennium” means “thousand years” in Latin. There are some sincere Bible students who deny that there will be a literal 1,000- year reign of Christ on earth…. Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC30: Revelation 15-19

In chapter 15 we have a prelude to the pouring out of the vials of the wrath of God. There is a definite parallel between the trumpet judgments and the vial judgments. In each case, the judgment is in the… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC29: Revelation 9-14

The seven-year Tribulation Period is covered in chapters 6–19. In chapter 9 several critical events will take place. The army of hell will be released (verses 1-12); the angels at the river will be released (verses 13-21). Once released, these… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC28: Revelation 4-8

The key word of chapter 4 is throne. The Book of Revelation makes it clear that it is the throne of God that rules in the universe, not the throne of men. Everything from chapter 4:1 through the remainder of… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC27: Revelation 1-3

Revelation is a book that has been misunderstood and therefore closed to most Christians. This was not God’s purpose for this great book, because He has written it and given the contents thereof to Christ. Christ, in turn, gave it… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC26: II&III John, Jude

Again in II John notice that truth and love go together. Christians cannot have fellowship where there is false doctrine and lying. In verses 4-6 John admonishes us to practice truth. Note the repetition of the word “walk” in this… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC25: I John

MERRY CHRISTMAS On this day when we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, I trust you will take the time to honor Him, who was born of the virgin Mary, for the express purpose of giving Himself to… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC24: II Peter

The theme of II Peter is assurance and growth in spiritual knowledge. Peter sees the danger of false doctrine in the church and warns the believers to beware (chapter 3:17). In other words, the two letters together emphasize the perils… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC23: I Peter

The Apostle Peter was the author of the Books of I and II Peter. Peter was continuing to fulfill the commandment of Christ to feed His sheep. The Book of I Peter was written to the saints in Asia Minor,… Continue Reading →

Bible Reading for DEC22: James 4-5

There are three men mentioned in the New Testament named James. There is the apostle, the son of Zebedee and the brother of John; the second is an apostle, the son of Alphaeus; and the third is James, the brother… Continue Reading →

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