Page 30 outside the lot. With that thought in mind, let us move on with the story. God opens Adam’s side, and Eve makes her debut. Adam, being the responsible husband that he is, instructs his dear wife on God’s commandment about the trees. Eve nods her head and says, ,No problemo. Got it, Honey-Bunny. As the day progresses, Adam says to his lovely wife, ,Eve, Sweetheart, I’m really hungry right now. I’m the father of the male species, therefore, I don’t have the first clue about how to prepare a meal. Would you mind preparing something for us to eat this evening? I want to tend to this garden a little while longer. Eve replies, ,Sure, Cupcake. As Eve beholds the forest of trees that fill her horizon, she is overwhelmed with the different types. She pulls some apples from one tree. Some pears from another. Some oranges from another. And some peaches from another. Twenty minutes go by, and she calls for her husband. ,Love- Angel, would you come over here please? I’ve got a question. ,Yes, dear, Adam replies. Eve continues, ,I don’t know which one of these fruits I should prepare for the meal. Can you ask God which one I should use? I don’t want to mess up and miss His will on this first decision that I’m going to make. Adam says, ,Fine, Darling.