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Teachers Warned About Antisat

Teachers Warned About Antisat

Teachers Warned About ‘Anti-Satanists’

Washington, DC. (EP)-

As Halloween approached, the nations teachers were warned to be on the lookout, not for Satanic activity, but for people who oppose it.

An article in the October issue of NEA Today, a publication of the National Education Association, warned educators that parents who express concerns about occult activity in schools are actually trying to undermine public education.

“And most important of all, report ‘anti-satanist’ activity immediately to your local (education) association,” the article advised. “It’s your best defense against what’s usually the real aim of such activity–an attack on public education.”

The article warned that anti-satanists “panic the public by exagerating….they tailor the facts to suit their beliefs.” It noted that “right-wing and religious extremeists have accused school employees of witchcraft for using majic circles as a teaching technique, have forced school libraries to remove books that mention witches, or have secured bans on textbooks containing stories about violence or sorcery.”

What were teachers to do if parental “hysteria” hit a school at Haloween? The article quoted an educator’s advice: “Be watchful. Don’t let any element in the community take the schools captive and make decisions that are rightfully ours.”