The great loss of Atheism

by Glen on 2001-03-15 00:00:23

The life of a Christian who tries to follow God’s will for his/her life is never wasted. Consider this:

The Christian

  • If there was no final judgement, the Christian living a life pleasing to God has followed the two most important laws: loving God and loving fellow man. This is a valuable life that has had positive impact on their society!
  • If there is a final judgement, the Christian spends eternity with God and others who have loved God and fellow man. A nice community! (-;

The Athiest

  • If there is a final judgement, the Atheist (irregardless of their life pursuits) faces eternity in hell. Not a nice community.
  • If there is no final judgement, the only value from life came when obeying the laws and lifestyle encouraged by God – anything else was selfish and wastefull. This was a life without eternal hope.

Whose life has the most value, regardless of which way things end?