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Continuing the topic of what is pleasing to God, here are several more entries for our list:

  1. Smell:
    1. frankincense (part of worship & prayer):  Lev 2:2
    2. Discontinued (for now…see NOTE), since the one-time offering of Jesus was accepted
      1. certain cooked meat:  Gen 8:21, Ex 29:18, Lev 1:9
        1. “all fat is the Lord’s”, Lev 3:16
      2. cereal offering (flour & oil), and wine (drink offering):  Lev 2:9, 23:13, Num 15:7
      3. NOTE:  David Levoy writes in a 1998 article:  “Sacrifices in the Millennial Temple (Ezek 45:17) will not expiate sin…these offerings will be memorial in nature, similar to the church’s keeping of the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Christ’s death.”
  2. Hearing:
    1. words of the pure:  Prov 15:26
      1. singing: Rev 4:10, 14:3
  3. Thoughts:
    1. Meditation (what we think about):  Psalms 104:34
  4. Sight:
    1. Doing His will:  Heb 13:21  “pleasing in His sight”
    2. Giving:  2 Cor 9:7  “God loves a cheerful giver”
    3. Doing good, sharing what you have:  Heb 13:16  “pleasing to God”
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