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XLIV. The Sleeping Apostle.

MARK xiv. 37.
“Simon, sleepest thou?”

I. A STUDY of the usage of the Gospel in reference to
the Apostle’s name shows that on the whole the name
Simon brings into prominence the natural unrenewed
humanity, and the name Peter suggests the apostolic office,
the bold confessor, the impulsive warm-hearted lover, and
follower of the Lord. The struggle between the two
elements of his nature imparts an undying interest to his
story, and brings him nearer to us than any of the others
are. We too have to wage the conflict between the old
and the new.
II. Let us learn to distrust our own resolutions. Aware
of our own weakness and the flutterings of our own hearts,
let us not mortgage the future, nor lightly say, I will, but
rather turns our vows into prayers.
III. Note the slight value of even genuine emotion.
Nothing takes so much out of a man. Emotion should
be firmly based on an intelligent grasp of God’s truth, and
at once translated into action.
IV. How much easier it is to purpose and to do great
things than small things. Peter could fight for Him, die
for Him, but he could not watch with Him. So let us
listen to His gentle voice as He speaks to us, not as of old
in the pauses of His agony and His locks wet with the dews
of the night, but bending from His throne, and crowned
with many crowns. Sleepest thou? Watch and pray, lest
ye enter into temptation.
Alexander Maclaren, D.D.