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Jesus is talking to a young man. He is a rich young man; see the beautiful clothes he is wearing. He has come to Jesus to ask what good thing he shall do, so he may go to heaven after he dies and be happy there with the angels. Jesus tells the young man he must do these things: love his father and mother; speak the truth; be honest in all things; and be kind to his neighbors. The young man says he has done all this since he was a little boy. When Jesus heard that he said, There is yet one thing more for you to do ; sell everything you have, and give the money to the poor; then come and follow me. When the rich young man heard this he was very sorry, and went away, for he could not bear to become poor even for Jesus.

“Conflict between religions threatens future of the world”

In 2007, Islamic scholars essentially told the Pope 'we should talk' ... "If Muslims and Christians are not at peace, the world cannot be at peace. With the terrible weaponry…

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The man watching the animals is Noah. He has finished the ark that God told him to build. It took him a great while to finish it. And all the time that he was working on it he used to talk to the wicked people who would not mind God. He begged them to mind him, and he told them about the rain that was coming after a while to drown every wicked person. But they would not listen to Noah or believe what he said. So now he cannot talk to them any more; he must go away and leave them alone. He is taking his sons and his daughters, and all the animals and birds, with him into the ark. There are a great many of them, but there is room for them all. The ark is very large. God makes the birds and the animals willing to go in. Noah has taken enough food for them to eat while they will be in the ark. As soon as Noah and his family, and the animals, and the birds, were all safe in the ark, God shut the door. And after seven days the rain began, and it rained without stopping forty days and forty

It’s a matter of Faith

We all know and believe And there's more than what we see Eternity is deep inside our hearts So we watch and wait, until that day When in a flash…

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Why get married?

Not long ago, I heard a comment from a teenager as he and his male friends were discussing their approach to sex with girls:  "Your body, your [the girl's] problem." …

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I’m Alive

When I was locked inside my head When I was lost in a maze of doubt You called my name and woke me up You called my name and led…

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It’s a Dying World

I'll tell you a horror story That's happened in your neighborhood It's one of flame and glory It's one of evil and good We're looking through stained glass windows We're looking through angry lives…

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