REV. xxi. 5. “He that sat upon the throne said,
Behold I make all things new.”

I. A NEW creation. “I make.” That is a Divine word.
“I make all things.” That also is Divine. “I make all
things new.” That reaches the highest stage.
To make all things new Christ has made a new covenant.
He has also made us new men.
Man is now new in relationship.
II. Adore this great Regenerator.
The dolorous pain of the Maker was the world’s new
making—the travail of His soul.
The world is new made through the truths which He
Also by the giving of the Holy Ghost.
Also by the work of Christ on high.
III. Behold and believe.
You need perhaps to be made new. He can make you
Do your friends need to be made new? Entertain no
doubt of the power of Christ.
C. H. Spurgeon