by Glen on 2001-01-13 11:10:23

The BBC reported: “The authorities in Moscow have refused to re-register the Salvation Army, claiming it to be a dangerous group.

The ban has
fuelled fears that religious freedom in Russia may be in danger, as the Russian Orthodox Church tries to assert its influence across the country. They
may feed the hungry and care for the sick, but to Moscow’s Department of Justice, the Salvation Army is nothing more than a violent paramilitary
group out to destroy the Russian state. The officials’ refusal to re-register it is strange, really. After all, since 1992, when the Salvation Army set up in
Moscow, it has provided humanitarian aid for nearly 900 different city organisations – everything from churches to prisons, hospitals to orphanages”

A government that is not “by the people and for the people” will destroy/ban anything that threatens it, regardless of how much the people and their rights are harmed.