I looked for someone to stand up for me against all this, to repair the defenses of the city, to take a stand for me and stand in the gap... (Ezekiel 22:30)

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Even the angels bow to God

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty! Bow down at his feet, and worship.

“Who does that?” (turns his own kid in to the police)

Some children are raised by parents involved with drugs (use and/or dealing), alcohol abuse, and sexual immorality.  These parents reject and despise the Authority of Law, and that attitude and lifestyle often gets passed on to the children. When a… Continue Reading →

Yes To The Cost

The Son of Man in agony He cried out, “Take this cup from Me And not My will, let Yours be done Not My will, let Yours be done” The choice would cost Him everything The weight of sin poured… Continue Reading →

Have we become our enemy?

Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany each year.  But if you compare the agressor-behavior of Putin and that current government and military leadership with that of Hitler and his, it’s difficult to see the difference. Both are invaders –… Continue Reading →

Katie Stickler’s Home Going

I never knew Nana Stickler as the hale and hearty farmer’s wife and mother of eight children she had been. When I was born in 1941 my grandmother had been greatly impacted by the ravages of diabetes. Nana, as her… Continue Reading →

Light of Lights

Jesus is the “Light of Lights”. We don’t hear this said, usually.  In fact, it was said by mistake by a local pastor during church – and I considered it and realized it was true. The Bible uses various comparisons… Continue Reading →

“Over My Dead Body” – help reverse the Russian invasion of Ukraine

After the Nazis we were baited by the Russian bear Our “liberators” wanted Poland for a thoroughfare I was a victim of December 1981 I took a final beating from the blunt end of a Russian gun You plant your… Continue Reading →

Christmas, Easter, and what happens next…

Christmas and Easter Two of the most important days for all of mankind.  On these days, Jesus (the CHRIST of Christmas) was born, and rose from the dead (documented by hundreds of witnesses) to prove that all he said and… Continue Reading →

What does God mean by “The life is in the blood”?

An excellent article that answers this question is at https://www.gotquestions.org/life-is-in-the-blood.html Another good article is at https://www.mindonjesus.com/blood-of-jesus/ The short answer is that the sin of mankind is an offense to God, which must be paid for in only one way –… Continue Reading →

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

One of my favorite songs is “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength”: The joy of the Lord is my strength The joy of the Lord is my strength The joy of the Lord is my strength The joy… Continue Reading →

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