What Convinced Me I Could No Longer be Blasé About Abortion

One of the best articles I’ve read recently, came from CBN writer Deborah Bunting (link above).

Although she had written about abortion, she took time to learn more about it. Some of her observations:

  1. women [going] through the procedure … suffered great emotional distress because of that decision
  2. the process of abortion causes its body [to be] scorched and burnt from the saline-injected into a mother’s womb
  3. those who say they are for tolerance and “choice” often really aren’t at all
  4. what looks like a terrible situation [pregnancy] that could “ruin your life,” often is not
  5. The out-of-wedlock teenage mother does not have to succumb to killing her child to make it in life
  6. People will help you.
    1. Crisis pregnancy centers will help you.
    2. Churches will help you.
  7. [there are] women who chose life, now 40 years later, who still got an education, who found a stable life, who loved that baby that was born when they were so young and have led happy lives and now are enjoying their grandchildren.
  8. God can take a difficult situation and bring good out of it, and He will if we let Him
  9. abortion is a spiritual issue. First, killing the unborn is killing His creation. But it’s also saying He is a feeble, helpless God, that He can’t help us in our troubles. He can, and He will.  
  10. God heals broken hearts and He forgives us for our mistakes – if we chose life, or if in our desperation, we forgot about Him and chose death. Come to Jesus. He gave His life to save yours and your baby’s.