Some Lubuntu users may wish to switch their systems to Linux Mint. Tutorials on doing this are outdated and/or don’t provide details on doing this while preserving the existing system. This is how I’ve done it, with great results every time…

create/revise /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list with these lines:

deb una main upstream import backport
deb focal main restricted universe multiverse
deb focal-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb focal-backports main restricted universe multiverse
deb focal-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb focal partner

comment out active entries in /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt-get update

this will give an error. Take the PUBKEY number and use it instead of the last argument in this command:

sudo apt-key adv –recv-keys –keyserver A6616109451BBBF2

now do this again…

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

this updates /etc/issue and /etc/ to a Mint name via base-files package

Install these:


check what it installs. Get these if not included already:

    # if prompted, switch to lightdm instead of other display managers

    # if you get an error during install...
    # may need to download the mint-info-cinnamon (all) .deb from
    # and install using 
    sudo dpkg -i --force-all mint-info-cinnamon_2021.11.18_all.deb
    # due to a conflict with mint-info-xfce


To get APT completely ready for future upgrades, create the file:  /etc/apt/preferences.d/official-package-repositories.pref

…and enter the following content in it, then save:

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 750

Package: *
Pin: release o=linuxmint,c=upstream
Pin-Priority: 700

Package: *
Pin: release o=LP-PPA-linuxmint-daily-build-team-daily-builds
Pin-Priority: 700

Then proceed to upgrade “una” to “vanessa” if you want (Instructions on how to upgrade arrived in August 2022).