I LOVE Thee, Thou God of mine,
Because Thou first hast loved me:
And all my liberty resign
That I may willing follow Thee.

Nothing that memory can suggest,
But doth with Thy effulgence blend;

The mind’s extremest range, at best.
Thy greatness fails to comprehend.

Nothing, Lord, will I desire
Not sanctioned by Thy holy will;
All things are Thine that I acquire.
All I bestow. Thy bounty still.

Take from me all Thy gifts reveal;
Resume whatever pleaseth Thee;
Direct me as Thou wilt, I feel
In every act Thou lovest me.

Oh, grant me but Thy love divine,
My love for Thee will reign supreme;
Grant this, and all things else are mine,
Without it life is but a dream.

C. C. Cox.