This week’s teaching:  Romans 5:12-21

1.  Pray 15 minutes per day
2.  Bible memorization:  Romans 3:23, Romans 5:8
3.  Written study

1.  How do the following scriptures describe sin?
a.  Isa. 1:2

b.  Isa. 53:6

c.  James 4:17

d.  John 16:8 and 9

2.  Does God consider anyone sinless?
a.  Romans 3:9-12

b.  Romans 3:23

3.  What two things are true of the person who says they are not a sinner?
I John 1:8

4.  In Ephesians 2:1-5
a.  In what spiritual state is a sinner?

b.  In what spiritual state is one who is saved?

5.  How does Jesus describe Hell?
a.  Mark 9:43, 47,48

b.  Luke 16:23,24

6.  What is God’s comfort for those who belong to Him?
(Rev. 21:4)

1.  Read – think about
a.  Exodus Chapter 20

b.  Psa. 14:3

2.   In view of the above, write down your thoughts on Galatians 3:24-26
(Look it up in all translations of the Bible that you have)

1.  Read the scripture for this week’s teaching: Romans 5: 12-21

2. If you were going to give the teaching this week, what are some of the
things you would say about It?
As Christians – (children of God) we still have problems with sin – why?
Because there Is an enemy!

1.  Who Is our enemy? (Rev. 12:9 and 10)
a.  List 3 of his names

b.  Name something he does

2. Where does he come from?
a.  Read Isa. 14:12-15

b.  What does God say will be his final destination (also notice Rev. 20:10)

3. From the above we can know who Satan is, where he came from, and where he
is going –
So why our problem with him now?
a.  Read Eph. 6: 10-20
1. According to this portion of scripture, we know Satan is the ruler
of this present

2. List 3 things God instructs us to do to withstand him.

3. Remember the above portion of scripture and this thought – if
there were no sin problems for the Christian, God would not have
to give us any instruction on how to fight, ward off and overcome

1.  When a Christian sins, he loses fellowship with God – What happens?
a.  Read John 15: 4, Isa. 59: 2, James 1:8

b.  List two results of broken fellowship with God.

2. If we are in the category of the above now-what should we do?  (I John

3. Put to memory I John 1:9.

4. Let Psalm 139:23 and 24 also Psalm 38:18 be our prayer and our attitude
toward sin.

Christian, let’s think about the words “He is faithful and just to forgive
and to cleanse.”
1.  Look up the following scriptures, answer the questions and meditate
on their relationship to I John 1:9.
a.  How is God described in Psa. 86:5?

b.  On what basis are we forgiven? (Eph. 1:7)

c.  What does Hebrews 10:11 and 12 say about Christ’s sacrifice for

d.  Why Is It foolIsh for you to feel guilty about confessed sin?
(Heb. 10:7)

Think, meditate on the above and PRAISE HIM!

If you still question your relationship with Jesus Christ, go to John 1:12
and make HIM – YOURS.

1.  Who gives us the victory (I Cor. 15:57)

2.  What are 2 essentials for victory over temptation and sin? (I John 5:4)
b_ _ _ _   _ _  God and o_ _   _ _ _ _ _

3. Who lives in every believer?
a.  11 Cor. 6:16

b.  Eph. 3:17

c.  I Cor. 3:16

4. Who enables Christians to overcome their enemy, the devil, in this world?
(I John 4:4) Also, write this verse down.

5. In what practical way can we avoid falling into temptation? (Prov. 4:14-15)

6. What is the positive (victory) side of James 4:7?

7. Read Romans 8:31-39 and REJOICE!